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Expert Site Evaluation

Problems identified early and efficiently with prioritized recommendations for site fixes

  • Independent site review backed by experience from over one thousand user interviews
  • Problems identified early and efficiently
  • Prioritized recommendations provide maximum benefit
  • Simple site fixes can have a major impact
  • Fit within tight timelines and limited budgets

NLRessler Associates will conduct a "heuristic" (expert) evaluation of your Web site, either during early development phases or when the site is live and in use.  This consultative engagement includes an independent review of a cluster of site pages (typically 12-15) that represent the most complex or typical functionality, interactions and user tasks.

When site interfaces are evaluated against established usability criteria and principles, critical user interface problems can be recognized early and efficiently.  Identified problems are then ranked by severity, so that clients can prioritize recommendations, focusing on remedies that will provide maximum benefit. 

Often, simple "low hanging fruit" site fixes can have a major impact on site effectiveness and performance.

Unlike many other qualitative and quantitative research methods, the heuristic approach does not involve target user participation.  Rather, given our long experience with usability across a range of user types, the site or prototype is evaluated independently and the findings presented in a written report.

Heuristic evaluations are easily integrated into tight project timelines and limited budgets.

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