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Focus Groups and Individual (Executive) Interviews

When direct input from target users is critical

  • Provides feedback on attitudes, needs and behaviors from target users
  • Available in-person or via Web meeting
  • Appropriate for early stages of development or site redesign

In-depth individual or group interviews are conducted when clients need input on target-user attitudes, needs and behaviors - or want to identify users' preferred content, functionality and information design.  This research format is appropriate for projects in early development stages and those in redesign phases.

Comprehensive Web site reviews by target users provide answers to key questions.  Our role is to guide participants through exercises that get to the heart of what our clients want to know:

  • What matters most to the user? 
  • How does a particular online venue compare to others in the category?
  • What keeps users coming back?
  • How has the interactive product affected brand image?

Online Options

When there are geographical constraints, or when it is not possible to gather a sufficient sample of target users in one location, groups or individual interviews are conducted online, using a Web meeting tool and a recorded teleconference.  Users participate (and clients listen and observe anonymously) from their offices or homes. 

Each user's browser, and therefore the meeting flow and stimuli, is controlled by the moderator to keep everyone on the same page.  The teleconference allows for lively conversation (not text chat) among participants and the moderator leads the discussion to flesh out users' reactions and ideas.


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